zations of which are usually not demonstrable because so slight and so

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titioner sees their effect in his patients ; not only as they appear in and aft'ect

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less readily over the heart; behind, near the bases.

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elbows is that suggested by R. Fick. The movements of the ribs are

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The view of Damaschino, that the fibrin coagulum in pneumonia

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walls, due to the emphysematous distention of the alveoli, simply

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on to say that weak and distant breathing need not deter the

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tion, and dyspnea may have existed before the perforation occurred.

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undoubtedly found also in some of the bronchi, where they i)artially

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contradiction to the views expressed by myself nearly twenty years

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those descrihed by Santos, but we saw no appearance of delirium,

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ectatic lesion is seldom localized at the apex. The supraclavicular

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be used more frequently and for a longer time; every two hours, and

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of the membranes, the organ returned to its normal position.

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seat of which is the base or the middle of lungs, sometimes occupies

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all the corpuscular elements present. Thus, if the ujjper layer is first

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sequence of traumatism — and I should like to ask what under the

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indorse the method, but in adults the direct insufflation of air is still

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At 3.5 P.M. fifteen minims of liquor strychnise and five of hydro-

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J. Lumniczer | isolated a number of micro-organisms from the

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He states: "In Italy catarrhal diseases of the respiratory organs, as

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plugs must be carefully picked over with a needle. Usually the

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whooping cough with severe pulmonary catarrh, and in that case,

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descending in one case, reported by a correspondent,

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collapses and still contains a large quantity of air, not only in the

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respiration is induced by external stimuli before the head has been

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The subsequent progress of the case was in all respects satis-

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external intercostals , slight depressions are seen even during deep

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