and was purged without drugs at the same time as the girl her-
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In five minutes the respirations had reached 160 per minute, and
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I am certain more risk would be run by subjecting them to the
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becomes shortened and the accessory nmscles of respiration, the
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the limits of perfect elasticity a peculiar arrangement of the molecules
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pain in abdomen, chiefly about umbilicus, which comes on
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volume of the percutory note — cannot always be attributed to a
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but solely on the action of certain pleural reflexes. There seems to
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have all been included. Catarrhal pneumonia in cachectic children
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nia, even when it terminates by lysis, is of shorter (kn-ation than
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a diphtheritic inflammation of the placental areas, a peritonitis and peri-
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tery. This case deserves mention, particularly because the entire
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demonstrated more or less plentifully 13 times; they were always
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Some of the pulmonary changes which occur in connection with
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This occupation obviously tends to interfere with expiration, and
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condition which gradually leads to the development of the disease.
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with excessive violence. Simple compression, as advised by Ger-
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after the disappearance of the eruption, and the little patients, in
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normal condition, they slow the pulsations of the heart, or stop
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same kind ; only the walls of the alveoli were thicker and more
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''In cases of marked atrophy with pronounced ozena of the nose
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original seat, the connective tissue; but sooner or later, under the
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these diseases by the symptoms alone ; and great praise must be
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* Wiener med. Wochenschr., 1877, Hill. f Wiener med. Presse, 1876.
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259. Wunderlich: "Specielle Pathologie und Therapie," Stuttgart 1856, Bd. iii,
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valves amounted to 7. .3 cm., the measurement of the ascending aorta at
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regards as the "anatomic prototype of delayed resolution," is un-