process is the fact also that by the absence of the arterial filling of the *

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to areas that appear colder on thermopalpation; thus, for example,

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t It must be specially mentioned that all these cliange-^ have been demonstrated

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' January 28. — Has changed little this day. No action of the

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his Translation of Paulus J^ginetus, vol. i. p. 584.)

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weakening of the pectoral fremitus, rarely with light bronchial breath-

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* " Handbuch der Anatomie und Mechanik der GelcnKe," p. 86.

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if sure of the diagnosis, without surgical interference. This is positive

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can say that the results must be due to an influence on the nerves,

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of three to five years elapsed between the individual attacks. Ac-

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be assumed to take place in the fluid contents, which eventuates in the

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after-treatment of empyema, advocating the iodoform treatment and

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as rapidly as possible. After an apparently negative puncture of

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physema bear fatty foods badly, while those who suffer from chronic

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entire pulmonary area would justify the term diffuse emphysema,

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puriform character probably correspond with the contents of finer

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wall, instead of these changes, as has hitherto been thought, being

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tum. The patient was brought under chloroform, and placed on

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as unsuitable in emphysema, and with good reason. The lung is

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in thrombosis of a vein after gynecologic operation, or in thrombosis

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the fatal issue. It has been frequently mistaken for bronchitis, with

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regard to the presence of pus, and at the operation, which is then

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Urine. — During the attack large quantities of urates are frequently

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course impossible positively to affirm that one was not present.

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after the pain has been allayed by an injection of morphin.

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Under these circumstances the medical dictum "reinedium anceps

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means of insufflation.** The question is especially important to

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or a hazy vitreous from choroiditis, or changes in the choroid

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then, is described as a dry, sonorous, extremely violent cough, occur-

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come on suddenly with bronchitis and disappear in a few hours; as

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the inflammatory process, as a rule, shows itself only in the region

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the back of the cavity at the most depending part. As soon as