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greatly dilated lymph channels of the connective tissue; and that in

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it is equally well heard over the entire half of the thorax. Generally

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of congestion are present in the lungs. As soon as an infarct is formed,

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were free from nodules and lobular infiltrations, appeared healthy

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The least excess of stain changes the brownish-red color to a Bordeaux-

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that he had little the matter with him, whereas on examining the

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166. Meissner: " Ueber Thcrmo])a]])at ion mit besonderer Ik^riicksichtigung der Herz-

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the light and the eye, thus brilliantly illuminating the anterior

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commendation, and it will be particularly welcomed by the general practitioner."

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characteristic sputum. Another decisive factor is obtained most

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As a ver}" characteristic element of bronchitic sputum, I may

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accord with my expectations. The contents of the alveoli consistetl

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may be resected. Fatal hemorrhage has resulted from the use of the

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the tidal wave almost completely disappears. The apex of the curve

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panied bv fibrosis and bronchophony, and pectoriloquy may be pres-

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emphysema is shown by the cases reported in parturient women, in

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one days to thirteen, while the fever was reduced by three or four

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cular muscular structure of the lung he entireh^ denies. The diseased

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became pale, and apparently there was no difference between

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lumen, or has even become somewhat narrowed on account of the

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These two di\dsions in the respiratory curve Riegel finds only in the

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nervating the bronchial muscles. The contractile power of the limg

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234. Thomas: " Ueber die Lehre von den kritischen Tagen in der croujiosen Pneu-

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lous interalveolar portions-. These harder portions of bone being