sizes that the epithelial plates may also extend into the meshes of
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is often found in asthmatic patients, in whom a true emphysema has
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to be erroneous; but the injuries that lead to calcification in mam'
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Pneumothorax would probably be produced more often were it not
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walls and their position in the midst of thickened lung tissue, the
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taking cold brings about conditions which are favorable to the begin-
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metallic tinkling are heard in certain areas (in the interscapular
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He maintains that every antisyphilitic metlication is more or less harm-
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which at that place is fairly constant during the pre^'alence of
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on the other hand, the finding of crystals of hematoidin and of fatty
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least as dangerous, and in feverish localities ten times
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shares in respiration by inclosing the lower part of the body and the
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hypoxanthin, and guanin; to Horbaczewski's work J: he macer-
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citement, or the irritation of single peripheral nerve regions, as the
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genic. Even if the inspired fluids are free from pathogenic bacteria,
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similar ways and produce similar nutritive disturbances in the pul-
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of the vessel-wall. At the same time, the adventitia consists almost
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nature, and then, if the microscopic examination shows nothing
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the irregular tension of the tissue at the border between the diseased
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tesimal doses. Almost all observers agree about the fact of its
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the pressure on the opening is very slight, and the- distended alveoli
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the bronchus; and (3) that the wall of the cavity presents none of the
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keeping with the greater width of the capiflary lumina, is much less
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violent that the patients fear the paroxysms of cough, and when the
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tion by our brains of any symbolic notation. Such an arrangement
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bacteria in human lungs, which macroscopic as well as microscopic
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But this contradiction is only apparent, since, owing to the complex
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more air in the latter posture, it is clear that, even ^^^thout any
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the lungs, at least one of which, the first, certainly developed from the large
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by emboli originating in peripheral veins. In local thrombosis, with
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and lobular pneumonias also occur as catarrhal pneumonias. He
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which the hoahhy organism can increase its acti\'ity without injury
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According to the experimental investigation previously mentioned
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somewhat livid.' Coldness of the extremities with fever is lipyria.
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long in this condition, and then slowly subsided without necrosis