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tion. Klaesi * found a multiplication of the cells and saw signs of

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combination of exudate and transudate, nothing but a mechanical

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other diagnostic methods, valuable though they be, are not as trust-

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terminating in recovery. Necropneumonia may also occur in con-

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The hoiveh are constipated in a majority of the cases, or else they

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partial vision in the other, when light is thrown into the good

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confirmed later on by the results of my microscopic examinations.

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if only swelling of a leg occurs during an acute disease of long duration ;

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is forbidden, and fustian cutting. Persons under six-

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and shows the so-called catarrhal type. We find a chronic bronchitis

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4 or 5 centimetres external to the outer edge of the pectoralis

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any advantage in substituting normal salt solution for a serous exudate

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dyspnea, great prostration, and a moderate rise of temperature.

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Their size alone speaks for the correctness of this contention. An-

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Physician-in-Charge of and Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to the IVoman's

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propriety of the means used, 1 was very curious to discover what

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while other portions, owing to the inhibitory stimulus exerted on the

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dust inhaled, and the effects are not all alike in the

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proportion to the degree of pressure exercised by the exudate. Ley-

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The affection appears to show a special preference for the aortic

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Rosenbach * has pointed out that in so-called compression atelec-

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plain the existing symptoms is present. At the same time the fact

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in the shape of striation exists has been described by Steffen under

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If the occurrence of such hemiplegias in children is exceedingly

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(iii.) bad hygienic conditions ; and (iv.) a very great increase

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* See O. Rosenbach, " Die Entstehung und die hygienische Behandlung der

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suitable cases, of moist heat by means of a Priessnitz compress, poul-

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he considered justified the exploratory operation of abdominal

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more easily found (Biermer, p. 51). A very simple method has shown