one or more lobes of the lung were affected in into. These were
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of some movement, and particularly in patients who have continued
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limb ; the foot and leg were slightly oedematous. There was no
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phragm: "It has been said that the distended lungs force the dia-
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away those which rest on a tuberculous foundation. The question
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s3'mptoms there may be veritable paroxysms of sweat recurring
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portion of the curve rises more rapidly, the transition to the expiratory
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putrid sputum ; among them was a bacillus, an agar culture of which
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be remarked, and in most cases this is so perceptible that the eye
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children can be provided for, but the light will prob-
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For better proof, nay, in order to compel the acknowl(Mlgment
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physema, playing on wind-instruments has already been mentioned.
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branches of the pulmonary artery. Additional connections can, how-
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hypostasis ; that is to say, the inferoposterior portions of both lungs,
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general condition of listlessness and languid function
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the inspiratory size of the normal lung even during expiration. In
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the beginning of the disease, ^^^th the subsequent serous exudation,
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unquestionably to be referred to the congestion in the venous circula-
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If I do not quite agree with this opinion, I may lindicate my con-
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in the convoluted urinary tubules were always of lesser signifi-
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Hydropathic Cures, Applications to the Skin, Baths, Inhalations, and
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On the evening of the same day he felt much depressed and on the
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the last day of the fever; or the final defervescence may be preceded,
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will facilitate the fulfilment of these requisitions will
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is only when the thorax is deformed as a result of rachitis or abnorm-
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the bronchi. Here the}' establish themselves and cause enlargement
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the celebrated physician who described it. The various theories
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etiology. Any injury affecting the body may ultimately become a
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nuclei of endothelial cells. They are found in any pleural or peri-
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ended in death. Just as hemoptysis may be succeeded by desquama-
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deglutition pneumonia, — because the gases lead to insensibility, and
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tomoses between the intercostal nerves on both sides in the anterior
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we must remember that dust, if present continually in any lung,
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serum between the two layers of the pleura. Its presence does not
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Merkel, based on his ample clinical observations, described the
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to ea^l5^ In Hoffman 's collection of cases, which consists of 147, 46
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