only fully prepared for the work, but who are enthu-
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inflamed by mere exposure to the air, and even an inflamed ])l(>ura, —
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its power of expansion — is greater than the power of expansion of
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instances red blood-corpuscles were found among these epithelial
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focus in the periphery of the lung is positively established, even
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it is always found in simple acute bronchitis. Only in exceptional
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movement of the partially separated membrane, which may even
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lowed, found its way into the trachea. But that this view was not
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dilated bronchial artery and by the intercostal arteries communicating
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not necessary, and in severe cases they do no good. Nor do I recom-
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Diplococcus pneumoniae as well as Bacillus pneumoniae; and the
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XL Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. By Neville Hart,
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scribed pressure is not exerted, but the expansive force of the affected
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(a) Traumatism acting from without, such as a stab wound, a
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there is danger of injuring the health by compression
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As regards the method of performing the cutting operation and
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scribes a Bacillus pneumosepticus isolated from a case of septic
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alveoli. The alveolar capillaries appeared mostly conspicuously
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are often tri^'ial or even ridiculous, their removal can nevertheless be
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of emphysema without catarrh, at least if the statement is extended
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more than a mere coincidence herein. Indeed the term Heatstroke
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caseous material found in tuberculous glands or joints.
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While pushing a wheelbarrow containing stones, he was injured by
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only used occasionally, but in the form of a powder in parafhn paper,
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tinguished, the most familiar being the diphtheritic and the pneu-
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striking contrast to their very congested surroundings.
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most agreeable, and use it again and again at home. Brief affusions
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dominates. If the principal seat of the disease is located in the lower