case. Lahr, in a case of pneumonia with a low leucocytosis, was

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In the j)ursuit of any inquiry too much stress cannot be laid on

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jected ; central portions of brain under fornix softened, and

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may increase to the point of asphyxia, and thus terminate life. Some

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^ Virchow, Arch. f. path. Anat., 1S47, Bd. i. p. 3S0.

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the more favorable are the conditions for the movement of air in the

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fine rale (' ' Knattergerdusch ' ') that is made to disappear by vigorous

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But aside from the cases of inebriates, the indications are not

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discussed more thoroughly. Whether this opinion, though, will hold

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in dusty localities or dust-producing pursuits, are so constantly sur-

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Leyden, following Traube and Cotton, designates as chronic

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The necessity of separating the different varieties — that is,

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1893. Fritzsche: "Schmidt's Jahrbucher," Bd. ccxxxvii, S. 219.

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they do so more or less frequently, but not with absolute constancy.

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syringe. The latter is too short to enter the thoracic cavity in cor-

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phrenitis, or cephalalgia, the hands are waved before the face,

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cating with the left bronchus. Sternal (?) and mesenteric glands swollen. The

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be excreted by the accustomed jDassages. In this disease, he says,

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In regard to the formation of abscesses in consequence of em-

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air causes the parts immediately surrounding the incision to collapse,

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South Boston. i2mo, 200 pages, profusely illustrated.

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ture of which a certain amount of doubt rests this is still, as formerly,

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Weir Mitchell, m.d., of Philadelphia. Illustrated by a

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metamorphosis of the bile in the blood is checked or brought to

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* In some cases, no cell inclusions are found, as in that of Tuckwell, Trans. Path.

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extravagant hopes, and so it affords an excellent symptomatic meas-

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details of such a case.2 He records it as one of amnesic aphasia,

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form a lower layer rich in morphologic constituents (purulent layer)

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page 666, and killing the animal four days after the injection. The

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(0.4 to 0,8 — f to If grains — camphor) may be injected at one dose.

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tongue, diarrhea, and occasionally loss of control of the sphincters and

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is attached to the condition from the fact that it has been thought

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on account of the uniformity of the results. They show that the

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tenth, and at the vertebral column at the twelfth. These points of

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to aspiration; or directly affect the pulmonary tissue, as in perfora-

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to a correct diagnosis of the situation of the obstruction, for, as

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which Jiirgensen so ardently advocates, was not in this case, with the

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He says, ' If the quantity of collected fluid be inconsiderable,

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trustworthy, a very important support to the view that the liver

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When, therefore, a sudden increase in the amount of blood neces-

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Berthier : " De la congestion pulmonaire active a forme iiseudo-pleur^tique," " Revue