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vol. v.— Hamilton, D. J.: " Text -Book of Pathology," vol. ii, p. 72, 1894.—

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nance). It occasionally happens that at the onset of the affection a

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place in quite a series of cases where there were numerous thick mem-

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of bronchiectasis in which Staphylococcus aureus had to be con-

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mation that is at present available in regard to this popular therapeutic agent. "

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was connected with the puerperal fever. When the patient was

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May 5, 1896: The wound is narrowing; there is no secretion. Right

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enlarged. There are no hEemorrhages apparent anywhere.

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course of the bronchi in its growth and invades the lungs, and leads

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It, is worth noting that certain diseases have been regarded as

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of a specific cause Hke the tubercle bacillus, — the production of miliary

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tional and structural (visible and in\isible) reaction called disease

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pulmonary tissue. The further changes he explains by a disturb-

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pleura than is the simple caseous lobar pneumonia, more rarely leads

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haemorrhage into tlie optic canal in the sphenoid. Again, the blow

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thorax, since the passage of air through the larger bronchi is still pos-

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horse-car on a wager, having run as fast as the conveyance. I also

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large exudates belong to this class; exudates that do not reach to

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■enlarged, but marked with scars. The thickness of the tumour

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ciency of the mitral valve, dilatation of the stomach, hypertrophy of

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Avoiding the larger venous trunks, we divide the skin and first

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day, vomited, slept much. Second day, twitching of right side ;

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Peripleuritic inflammation appears to occur at any age, and

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form \'illous growths, cause bulging of the mucous membrane, and alter

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needle is used, sometimes brings forth particles of tumor. The diag-

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Thomas has added up the reports of twelve authors, all of whom

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cleared up the difficulty, by showing that the bronchial tubes were

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clinical notes of a number of cases, the reader is referred to Fowler

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interval of forty-eight hours between the injections.

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the unerpial effect of percussion at the border between consolidated