14. Sleeplessness. — Sleeplessness was a marked symptom in

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spond to the gravity of the disease. The face may be very con-

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overfilHng of the institution, or to an irritant contained in the working

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ent I ha^T not sufficient foundation for this view. It is also pos-

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sidered as the cause of a particular form of pulmonary inflammation,

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intercostal spaces, and a very slight degree of dislocation of all the

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fulfil his duty only by attentive observation, and for this he requires

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It is somewhat remarkable that swelling of the bronchial lymph-

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This, by the way, is quite a different thing from an

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natural. The spleen weighs 80 grms. It is very small ; it has

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regulate the temperature and circulation we can give eacli morning 0.15 (gr. 2^) of

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chest, no dyspnoea, no action of nares, no tache cerebrale ; eyes

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fever but bearing no recognizable relation to the formation of an

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a month ago both legs began to swell, and soon afterwards the left

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each puncture being followed by a more rapid reaccumulation of

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The practice of subjecting persons suspected of crime or witch-

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as safe as possible, individual prophylactic steps should be insisted upon

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Next to the facts already spoken of, the question of a permanent

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ous may be the result of mediastinal emphysema, and it may also be

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and can be more and more readily felt. The amount of movement in

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the distention of the vessels produced by stasis or an excessively acute

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certain to hasten recovery and is often the only means of curing the

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objection that tliis diminution might have taken place spontaneously

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croached upon by the sac, a point, as it is well known, of some

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relation. Grisolle has seen three cases of pneumonia occur after

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ally advances, the rib is forced after a long time to make an inspira-

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however, be asserted that there is no observation on record by

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several times a day, to the great detriment of the patient's strength.

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eventually undergoes necrosis in these situations even before rupture

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