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protracted purulent exudates, as necrosis and ulceration of the bony
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healthy lung) by a sudden insult to the thoracic organs, and also under
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AVhen the culture is injected through the wall of the thorax into the
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tions, or after rupture of an exudate into the lung, as this accident and
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is necessary in any case, and will therefore clear up any doubt that
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of the air from dust, the average amount of moisture, in short, the
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cate," " Centralblatt fiir allgemeine Pathologic und pathologische Anatomie,"
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with the pleural cavity, do not affect the respiration, or at most
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system be correct, his explanation of its use in ague at once falls
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the exudate and immediately introduces a sterile 0.7% salt solution;
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of the results of the four autopsies, I would have, not exactly ex-
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nerve-centres from a case of paralysis agitans, kindly sent to me
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holding an autopsy. The conduct of the fever as well as the other
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entirety spoke against a complete consolidation and against a dis-
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keenest diagnostician. And it would be equalh^ Avrong to generalize
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The observation published by IMagniaux tells of an eleven-year-old
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injections mth grave suspicion, on account of the possible dissemina-
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of the lung. Lately she has been getting drowsy, and on examin-
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yet swallows pretty well ; limbs warmer than they were ; skin less
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without any support ; only the hands and part of the
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in the l:)ronchial tree or in the alveoli is impaired, it is natural to hokl
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Madder, that the rent had extended through the jyeritoneal cover-
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handbook* of practical suggestion are prepared by men whose professional compe-
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Hitherto aspiration pneumonia has generally been erroneously iden-
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manently to correct the abnormal conditions than direct evacuation of
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exudate is usually obtained for diagno.stic purposes.
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has been followed by the development of an extensive dulness of the
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be kept about four weeks. The mixture must be perfectly neutral.
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ous a character without the concurrence of my colleagues
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day, and the vivid, sudden, mortal collisions of the