was necessarily much displaced, the apex beating half an inch

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occurs in pneumonia in the course of but a few days. As it is my

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panied by a diminution of the exudate, and this contrast between

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appearance of abscesses in the train of catarrhal pneumonia, I think

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Coryza is especially observed in the nasal form of asthma, and

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attributed to invasion of the tissue by parasitic formations, an

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dull all over, the dvllness extending to right of sternum. No

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clear and distinct, and the excursion on the screen, with the tube

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mentioned nine cases it was possible to retain life only once, after

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greatly attenuated, indurated wall, barely a millimeter in thickness,

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can be heard over a wide area, it is not always possible to determine

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in diseased lungs, the entire process becomes comprehensible. It is

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bronchitic nodules and the lobular pneumonic infiltrations, a very con-

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The walls of the pouch are formed of a thin semi-transparent

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lichen, and psoriasis ; and 3 old people with eczema or prurigo.

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where small areas of dulness may easily be outHned by percussion,

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— that is, in the mucous memljrane of the lungs; the product of the

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exist. These cases cannot, it must be owned, be very clearly de-

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thickened bands of connective tissue, the alveolar epithelium having

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comes very distinct. The dyspnea is inspiratory in type.

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of age, was admitted in a condition of profound collapse, with marked

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contents, a series of factors which are proba])ly never present at one

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265. — "Pleuritis und Pneumonie im Kindesalter," Berlin, 1862.

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anterior thorax. In the evening, with high-graded dyspnea and gradual

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Edema of the skin is often observed in purulent effusions and in

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of COg. He calls attention to the fact that in a great variety of

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females is not greater than among males. In reference to this point

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adhesion of that viscus to the parietes, or a direct communication

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fluid. The left lung was voluminous, very hyperemic and edematous, but

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as strong presumptive evidence of the tuberculous origin of these

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tainly capable of causing bad eyes ; it provokes the

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error in this method are more numerous than in other methods

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according to the method advocated by Seutin, whose paper, if he

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150. Lev}^: ''Ueber intrauterine Infection niit Pneumonia crouposa," "Archiv fiir