in attendance wdth Dr. Morton upon a patient aged eighty-four,
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claims, also explains the fact that in a hemorrhagic pulmonary
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Appetite bad. To have quinine and acid, sulph. dil.
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potash ; salicylic acid, seemed slightly less delirious after it.
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1 87 1. — Nine patients with senile cataract. Thirteen eyes
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two diseases on each other; the bronchitis, on the one hand, increasing
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area. According to Rossignol, it must be taken into consideration
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space enough upon the floor for a step in each direc-
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trouble, leaving a red granular surface ; the cortex much nar-
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retic reasoning about the nature of a crepitant rale may in practice be
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better vascularization and then offers better conditions for the new-
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* Milnch. med. Woch., 1888, 49 and 50. f Centr. j. klin. Med., 1890, 48.
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LL.D., Professor of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, University of Michigan,
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adhesions, the natural tendency of the fluid is to gravitate to tlie
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"Berliner klin. Wochenschr.." 1S93, ])p. 868 und 892.
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pia, will result in a consequent purulent inflammation.
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chill was absent; in none of them was herpes labialis present. The
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say, especially if he does not attach any importance to the above-men-
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chronic form is cjuite frequent in old men. The more violent symp-
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Schnitzler, Hillcr, Pavlinoff, and according to my own description,
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frequently. — Ed.] Such an assertion should, however, be accepted
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garded solely as the result of this inflammation. Here the epithelium
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of a skilful and experienced physician, the only method of procuring
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according to recent experience, that an atypical and not a croupous
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made steady progress towards recovery. When he was discharged
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body far removed from those just mentioned. In the great majority
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sized rales, until finally normal vesicular respiration returns. This
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It would be as one-sided to say that the shape of the thorax
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ment is greater, the less the tissues have, under the influence of great
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possibility is also to be borne in mind that the heart contracts during
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branches of the pulmonary artery ; or penetrate into the lumen of these
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28. Cohn: " Klinik der embolischen Gefasskrankheitcn," Berlin, 1860.
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fests itself particularly in an increased activity of the sound side.
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200. Stokes: " Bru.stkrankheiten." Deutsch von Busch, Bremen, 1838.
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It is met most commonly in tuberculosis; it also occurs in chronic
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granular looking areas were found in the lower lobe of the otherwise
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quicken it, the mixture assuming a blue colour more quickly
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judging of the respective accuracy of these results I have examined
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it is said to be black, like the blood in venesection (A. Fraenkel').