[In fact the cause of death in pneumonia in healthy subjects is

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that the greatest caution is necessary and that every available diag-

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bronchi were enlarged, inflamed, and filled with pus. Several of

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dies that have been tried bear witness by their number to their

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Observer ' for June last states that he has up to this time per-

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functionates more actively than under normal conditions, and there-

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Specific drugs have also been inhaled. Thus, See praises pyridin in

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left bronchus and in the trachea into vibration. The note thus

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sided empyema the inferior and lateral boundary is formed by the

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be such that air can enter more freely than it can escape. This condi-

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morning of the day on which he was admitted into the Hospital,

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lumen is reduced to a minimum, the walls are brought into apposition,

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For instance, a man would not jump to the conclusion that be-

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an exudate of white blood-cells which have escaped from the vessels."

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Waldenl:)urg is chiefly responsible for the development of this

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this kind escapes detection, as, for instance, when it barely ext(MKls

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More recent writers hold to similar views. Gari'e operated upon

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thus of necessity at hand. It is indeed true that the urine is

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and of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, etc.

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been detected near the surface of any part of the trunk or ex-

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194. Ranvier: " Traite teclinique d'histologie," Paris, 1875, p. 238.

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an accunmlation of hemorrhagic fluid began to form in tlu^ abdominal

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led to the production of cutaneous emphysema,! while in another

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the experimental result. I therefore employed the sputa of a patient

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to the question whether mitral or valvular lesions are apt to be asso-

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Stages. — This division of Rokitansky's has in the main remained;

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private practice are different from what they are in climes and hospi-

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in the lower part of the left upper lobe of a tuberculous lung

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the system of drainage in the treatment of empyemata, and it was

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ments in the dyspnea of emphysema is not necessarily increased,

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was due to the large amount of blood lost, the diagnosis was definitely

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ma}^ be traced to the fact that he took the desquamative pneumonia

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perfectly healthy lungs, and that circumscribed zones of dulness may

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Avere constant in the late stages, and the breathing irregular.

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sory cavities of the nose, and in all these places the presence of Diplo-