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communication with the subcutaneous connective tissue is established,

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pair of callipers to get tlie antero-posterior diameter accurately.

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If the air is polluted by an excessive number of micro-organisms, an

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Kahler: "Zur Technik <ler Thorakocentese mit Aspiration," " Prager med. Wochen-

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mentioned, but their effect is especially on the mucous membrane.

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connective tissue; in other places, however, they are found, and

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noticeable from one to two days before the onset of the fever, and

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the mucous membrane. In this wa}' the tuberculous ulcer originates.

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It is true that vomiting not unfrequently occurs in cats re-

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in asthma; in arthritic affections; in gout; in dilatation of the stomach

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be unable to elevate the ribs except under these favorable conditions.

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the lung is diminished in the same proportion, because the overloaded

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sulphur. AVarm sea-water baths may be of considerable value, and

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affection between 29° and 40° C. (84.2° and 104° F.). An affection of

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and excite a condition of irritation and inflammation.

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Traube says about one in five, the pus will make its way into a

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reticians who, under the supposition that pneumonia is a cyclical

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141. Marfan: " Maladies des voies respiratoires," c.xtrait du"Traite de medecine,"