10.2%, of his entire body-weight. In estimating the accumulation
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reaching far enough, and no stricture could be discovered. A
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folly to any one unacquainted with the facts and the
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Farre, Dr., 61 St. George's Square, South Belgravia
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As in all diseases, there are also here, in addition to the cases
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public clinics. Von Ziemssen estimates the percentage of cases
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as the feminine type of breatliing. Any garment that constricts the
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water-pipe sound {Wasserpfeifengerdusch, Unverricht) on account of
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nutrition, or alcoholism, are not in themselves sufficient to cause the
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108. Kordnyi : " Lungenabscess," in Eulenbiu-g's " Realencyklopiidie," 1897, 3.
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Diseases of the larynx, of the nose, and of the pharynx, and foreign
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its use cannot yet be given. It is effective only by way of favoring
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conditioas in human aspiration pneumonia. In the latter the lower
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resecting it on the third day : cured after twenty-eight days.
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nia in adults. Bartels only describes a case of catarrhal pnc^umonia
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the patients have not only given no motives for their eccentricity, but have
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III. Secondary bronchitis: (a) in acute fel^rile diseases; (6) in
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with all the strength of his respiratory muscles, but gets no relief. He
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Please send us six more copies of Manual of Nursing, by Humphrey. We
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four cells lying between large, pale, uneven, angular or slightly wavy,
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forceps. Sometimes much force was required to withdraw
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fifth intercostal space and in the anterior axillary line. The opening of
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cavity. Around the opening of the perforation, and extending out-
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ing evidence that the soil is also favorable for the growth of pus-
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White, m.d , d.d.s., of Philadelphia, Editor of the Dental Cosmos.
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was neither malignant nor tuberculous. The arteries were uninjured.
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pure culture. In addition, a number of the alveoli presented a con-
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tendency to congestion of the head and formation or
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A third class of cases present chilly feelings, especially in the
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* .Vs, for instance, Riegel, in Zienissen's " Handbuch," vol. iv, H. 21, p. 114.
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of error must also be borne in mind. I have- so far been unable to