the lower portion of the thorax. The operation was performed in the

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talis, improvement of the blood by preparations of iron, are required

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cessive ingestion of food merely tends to the production of fat and

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1849; and by Rokitansky and ("ohnheim, " Allgeiiieine Pathol.," vol. ii, p. 180.

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lacerating pains in the chest, massage is often of great advantage;

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upper portion of retina. If the whole retina had been detached

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Care should also be given to the clothing; to adapt this to the

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forcible removal of pressure from the pleural cavitj^; or, in other

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perature — chart appended. Pulse — usual rate, 80 ; highest

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The attempt to explain the existence of the prodromes, and the

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inner surface at first gives rise to a mucous, sanguineous, and later to

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5. In all forms of acute and chronic inflammation of the lungs;

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the suspicion and dread which shrouded the contemplation of

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signs of extensive destruction of the tissues, energetic operative

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pneumonia, the cocci were situated in the cellular aheolar exudate

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backward venous flow after ligation of the pulmonary artery is not

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disease an extension of the process could be traced along the cellular

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lowed hemoptysis appear first under the clavicle, extend from there

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emphysema, or it is possible that a secretion of gas by the lymph-

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3. Apoland: "Ueber die Lage der Kranken beim Lungenabscess," "Therapeu-

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all the others are present in minimal amounts. The combination

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were congested and cedematous, and when laid open, their mucous

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ercise, but not a necessity. But the great difficulty,

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inventor of apparatus may give it ; but a mere prize-

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attacked, it becomes infiltrated with an inflammatory exudate, and

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areas in the uniformly inflamed red basic tissue in influenza pneumo-

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Douglass: "Regarding the Uric Acid Elimination and Leucocytes in Pneumonia,"

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I thought, from pleural effusion of a tubercular origin, but on

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charge is expelled without effort and in considerable quantities; it

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one wishes to lay stress upon etiologic and clinical conditions. As an

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What is more important in the present discussion is that blood