catarrhal pneumonia which develops after whooping-cough. The

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the bronchi, which may be compressed here and there, and thus

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consisting of two boards joined at one extremity bj' an elastic band.

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ing this disease, 5 dcg. (7^ grains) of quinin internally, and at night,

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days than others. Difficulty of swallowing. Fed through an

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pensory ligament as an axis, so that one lol)e — usually the right, wliich

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A slow pulse in the beginning of the disease is often a good sign

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favored by the presence of secretions and pathogenic materials in

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all the others are present in minimal amounts. The combination

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differentiate the collapse which occurs at the onset of pneumonia,

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Pulmonary Abscess. — We cannot allow this affection to progress,

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The aorta much dilated ; there is extreme atheroma, so that an

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mitted. Huss in one out of eight cases in which he made a post-

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* Zeitschr. fiir didtetischz und physikalische Therapie, vol. ii.

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the youtliful age and in the existence of a ])rimary neo])]asm in a per-

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dividual, the exudate usually does not exceed a moderate amount.

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by pressure against nerves, since in the record of this same case

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the alveoli and are not larger than the cells themselves. In human

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the cardiac-lesion cells in consequence of stagnation of the blood in

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presume to say that it has always been possible for him to do this.

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sixth of my cases there was spitting of blood, although not in large

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of heat emanating from a very strongly heated oven. After this

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tract; and as these drugs have unpleasant effects, I have dis-

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under my observation, and which bear on points I have discussed

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adhesions are extensive above and ribbon-shaped below is either that

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healthy tissue. This kind of hemorrhagic wedge, according to Rind-

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murmur over the apex of the diseased lung, such as occur in mild

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