symptoms of empyema, backed by the feebleness of the heart's

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respiratory murmur should be demonstrated, while at the same time

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tion among the youngest workmen, and more so its extreme scar-

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known that in the examination of recruits, and in life-insurance

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decomposition. These objects are best attained, as in the case of

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were all made with care, and many of them twice. I have no

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degeneration has been often mistaken for amyloid degeneration,

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him. Simply pulling on his trousers, he at once went down,

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states that the acute bronchiectases of infantile bronchitis are due to

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latter does not rest upon the dome of the diaphragm, but upon the

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before the beginning of a fluid exudate, the true extent of the semi-

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different forms of pulmonary inflammation. Rebert reports six

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cells of alveolar epithelium, as has been fully explained above (p.

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of force produced, and the amount of energy exp(>nded, — in other

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power to decide at once in a disease which appears to be primary, that

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^ Saunders, A Treatise on the Structure, (Economy, and Diseases of the Liver,

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of these organs occurring as complications; that is, through the suppo-


Hence although a perfectly sound heart might be able to perform

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13. Ci'ocidismus. — 'When in acute fevers, peripneumonia,

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presence of pseudocrisis and the absence of true crisis. The highest

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power of the thoracic wall to transmit vibrations, the amount of

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before relief is given to the cough and oppression: