be solved. Physical diagnosis indeed is far from deserving its name.

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This is shown by the excessively high incidence of pneumonia

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overcome by steady pressure and additional force applied to

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excepting in the evening, her mother having taken especial care

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^ Professor Simon's papers will be found in the 'Arch, fiir Klin. Chir.,' vol. xy.,

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blood-corpuscles. A much larger quantity of the latter was pres-

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exudate is usually obtained for diagno.stic purposes.

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hand being the smaller, was well anointed with fresh butter, and

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A. W. Mavo Robson, F.R.C.S., Senior Surgeon, Leeds General Infir-

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ject, based on the extensi\e experience of the author in X-ray work.

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found an hour and a half after the chill in a forty-year-old man 40.6° C.

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plied to the lung tissue, whereas the ordinary methods of treating

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Peiper ^^ consists either of voluminous syringes or of large receptacles

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various bacteria may produce such atypical pneumonias. An exact

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ing more and more marked in the deeper structures; it had filled the

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Dr. Aitken,! alluding to latent pleurisy, remarks, * When-

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Lungs for further discussion of the surgical treatment of this affection.

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both eyes. Afterwards the eyes recovered their proper position.

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generally at outer side. One of the chief signs of past neuritis

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with certain portions of the optic thalami and optic tract. In

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croupous pneumonia, does not primarily and in the first place, and

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pus-corpuscles, which may be ^•ery well preserved, but which

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ened, nor presenting any sign of recent constriction — except in the

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coachmen that were admitted, pneumonia occurred in one out of

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less into the house. If the plan be tried, let all pre-

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small, moist rales, diminishing from below upward. A small amount

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was then convulsed, and the use of the upper extremities

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material. A jaundice therefore arises from the circulation of bile

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