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by expanding in an equal degree, but is forced to undergo contraction

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Formerly, under the treatment of pneumonia by venesection,

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decide the question of accident insurance. Up to that time he had

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Fig. 26. — Remissions of fever during first five days. Doubtful response to cold pack, which was admin-

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Individual predisposition in contusion of the lung shows itself in

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individual case." Every adult patient suffering from pneumonia has

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Beck, C. : " iMnpvem und seine Behandlung," " New-Yorker klin. Monatsschr.," 1893,

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tions. He acknowledges, however, that torsion of the costal cartilages,"

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or, more correcth', in the alveoh, — occupying a more or less extended

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disseminated tubercular processes, since recovery from any general in-

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blood had been unable to tear across ; but when about to with-

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good classification in order to gain a clearer understanding of the suId-

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greatly altered, especially weakened, as in neurasthenia.

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which appears very rich in fluid and assumes a peculiar velvety

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slow, expiration particularly being sur])risingly dee]), although it

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gives an impression of the bursting of very small, uniform, slightly

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viz., that as the process of growth is continuous, it must not merely

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The pulmonary alveoli contained a moderately large number of

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zinc-workers, sieve-makers, blacksmiths, brass-founders, dyers, lock-

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alveolar wall proceed in these connective-tissue parts even as far as

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On June 29, 1875, I was called in consultaLion to see Master

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tously degenerated lungs, with the ragged appearance of that part

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they made it easy for the disease to spread; partly and esjx^cialiy

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gained consciousness. The three-}-ear-old girl had marked cough.

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it will be useful in advanced cases of cardiac dropsy when

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but shows a few more deeply staining granules. The shell seems to

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