half the amoiuit of veal broth and glycerin. At all events the bacterio-

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gree of compression of the lung and the diminution in the respiratory

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the diseased side than the other. There is sometimes a very

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believe that the hypertrophic process does not necessarily end in

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It is always most pronounced where inflammation is greatest." If

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Fanoni: " New York Medical Journal," 1898, lxvii, 646; 1899, lxx, 302.

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monary tonus they are at the same time inhibitory stimuli to inspira-

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heart to be directly transmitted to the pleural fluid and to the thoracic

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cyanosis as a rule becomes less conspicuous than dyspnea. Th(^

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result from the erosion of the larger vessels without a trace of tuber-

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tive vessel by the embolus. When a robust butcher, thirty-seven

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Case II. — Puerperal, Midtilocular Pleurisy with a Serous Exudate

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ance of purgatives after the swallowing of sharp or otherwise

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tion might have spread to the peripleural connective tissue, as the

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unable to prevent decomposition and had rendered expansion of the lung

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due to the presence of meconium, which is drawn into the air-passages

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occurrence, because the lay(>rs of the pleura early become adherent

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have to answer in the affirmative after the above comnumications.

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due either to a febrile acceleration of the blood-current or to great impair-

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wdth hay can certainly avoid these irritating causes. Better results

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Friintzel: " Krankheiten der Pleura," Leipzig, ("v. Ziemssen's Handbuch," iv.

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all those of special value have been described. Sixteen valuable lithographic

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the country, and remember its free and natural sports,

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foiiss) of fluid may be drawn into the barrel of the syringe, with the

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may elicit an irritative cough if it comes in contact with the areas

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§ Jenaer Zeitschrijt jiir Medicin und Xatunvissenschaft, vol. iii, p. 1.34.