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* London Lancet, Jnn. 11, 1001. t Annnls Surg., Oct., lOOl.
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Fullerton has demonstrated that she nol only knows what to say,
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completely filled with red and white blood-cells. The capillaries of the
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Such substances may also be absorbed by the lung if a communi-
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breathed. Most striking was the increase in the width of the alveolar
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the patient coughed, which he did at short intervals. On the third day,
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hepatized lung in water, and, having filtered the fluid through linen,
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and the introduction of two large drainage-tubes to keep the chest wound open
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that the pneumococcus, when it does cause pneumonia, first circu-
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tial pneumonia, and pneumothorax is less easy to avoid on account
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first and is followed, at the earliest, after several hours l)y the expec-
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cular muscular structure of the lung he entireh^ denies. The diseased
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by catching cold. Even if the clearest theoretic deductions showed
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other side, the empyema, as the more important disease, should
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the same as in the foregoing \'ariety, except that here the pus cells
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present. Isolated observations of this kind may be worthy of some
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Bartels, the inspiratory movements become deeper, sleep, which some-
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contrary, the patients assert that the concussion is agreeable and
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consider most important I found in the vessel-wall itself. As will be
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that the fluid, in the absence of partitions of this kind, always
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of gaining great strength. They are to be used as a
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one egg resembles another, and the only possible way of making a
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auscultation, but this does not frequently occur. The bronchopneu-
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girls, — "colleges, ' ' as they are sometimes called, — it
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Principal treatment. — Pot. iodid.; pot.bromid.; In'drarg. chlor. ;
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enlarged, according to Corvisart; this is constanth^ the case if death
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workmen who are suffering in its early stages are pretty
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is produced which we must regard as inflammatory; an increase in the
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bronchial wall are disintegrated and of a yellow pus color. The areas
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tion may attack other pre\dously healthy parts of the lung, as may