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Robinson, B. : " Clinical Notes on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pleurisy," " New
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vescence of fever, might be aptly called a convulsive rigor,
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has laid the foundation for a chronic process in the lungs.
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delicate "breath-like" opacity and slight, barely perceptible deposit,
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along these lines until it now constitutes a complicated and difficult
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finding greater favour. It is chiefly invoked to explain the
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of cinchona with hydrochloric or lactic acid, small doses of quinin,
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8. Emphysema due to pathologic conditions leading to perforation of
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the covering of the liver and obliterating pericarditis; I have seen
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vary during the time of observation, it follows that the strength of the
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Action on iJie Iddneys. — As the action of casca on the
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disease gradually become more severe. They increase the pain in the
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Believing that it should be our aim to render the taking of medicine as
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On May the 9th I saw tlie patient once more, and could feel
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strongest person. But an absolute confirmation of this statement by
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that resorption of an exudate that does not contain the specific
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of the lymph-glands occurs in the neck as well as in the axillary
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It coincides with all the objective findings if I declare that the
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the first acute stage of the disease ; this is the most radical method
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flabby infiltration. The pleura oxev the infiltrated parts was covered
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with plenty of outdoor life and physical exercise. Accordingly
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specific influence of the ether may be excluded and in every case the
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delphia. Surgeon to the Pensylvania and to St. Joseph's Hospitals.
cutory phenomenon known as Williams' tracheal tone; in short, we
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grees, the amount of moisture is too small. The former condition
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(2) True albuminuric bronchitis, like the foregoing, characterized by
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extremities, Ave generally find strong proof of malingering, and
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Marie, "hypertrophic pneumonic osteoarthropathy," which unfor-
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designated a special form of pulmonary disease which he was the first
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distinguished with a good deal of certainty after inflammation
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thorax engaged in actiA^e respirator}' movements. There is too much
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blood-corpuscles, partly by diapedesis, partly by capillary hemor-
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tract more vigorously. In the worst cases the action of both muscles