Whether the remote cause of pulmonary carcinoma, as well as
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ing factors. The fundamental cause is not known. According to our
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[Atheroma is frequently observed in the middle-sized pulmonary
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midiim. This form of catarrh is not dangerous, develops usualh- on
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from tuberculous bronchial glands), all three affected the right bron-
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thorax are much more intense and the physical signs vary widely in
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from chronic bronchial catarrh. He was first in the hospital in 1889,
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I have employed chloral hydrate in doses of at least 3 gm. (45 grains)
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The ^dew of v. Jiirgensen, that the geographic distribution of
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Wunderlich noted a temperature course with recrudescing fastigium
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more extensive, as at the base and margins of the lungs, there are no
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6. Coldness of extremities and lipyria. — A marked symptom
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there are still numerous cases in which the prognosis remains un-
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Lahr as well as his predecessors states that the height of the
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sputum, fetid expectoration develops, the diagnosis of bronchiectasis
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tion, rupture of an esophageal carcinoma, tuberculosis, pericardi-
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are, of course, diurnal. The duration of the attack also varies;
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very marked and well-defined prodromal stage. In 7 of the 11 cases
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pressure, the anatomy of the optic nerve at once reveals how
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lesion. He distinguishes these "contusion pneumonias " from trau-
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number of cases of pneumonia, according to the separate months,
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bronchitis and whose father had a characteristic renal calculus.
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times; her work should be lightened, her errors ex-
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partly torn from their base, and they partly remain as a cover for the
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Jacobson, A. : " Absce.ss of the Lung," " Zeit. f. klin. Med.," Bd. xl, S. 494.
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tine, the urine that was drawn off after the lapse of twenty-four
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caliber being, of course, varied to suit indi^'idual conditions.
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In many ways this is to-be deplored; but it is right
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Inclined, in consideration of his purely casuistic communication, to
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opening of an uncomplicated abscess in the external skin, or even in the
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62 b. — " Specimen of Potter's Lung," ibidem, p. 36.
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The tolerance of the patient to the abundant and very offensive
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strate the presence of any structure belonging to the bronchiole in
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therapy. I have long been in the habit of sending these patients
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some importance in connection with the pathogenesis of these perfora-
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Lastly, I would urge the point, whether the injuiy may not be
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described changes are present in the epithelium and in the blood-