boring healthy lungs. On the abdomen there is not such constancy
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much better. It is perfectly true that the afternoon
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mentioned in regard to prognosis that, according to my experience,
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ous sediment of urates, either spontaneously or after the addition of
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which are always present to a greater or less degree in the hearts of
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On December 29th thoracentesis is performed in the sixth intercostal
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not headless, as in Sir Henry Thompson's and Mr. Baker's cases.
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spot. If the choroiditis has been excessive, it would lead to
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water, and a slide or a large glass plate held in the water so that such
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organism is to be advised. Wine must nearly always be emplo^'ed.
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Dunin and Nowaczek observed 5 cases of croupous pneumonia
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ecjually certain that we must not expect too much from nasal treat-
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Although the conditions under which these experiments were per-
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of the tissues, that is, the dynamic power which distinguishes living
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" Deutsche med. Wochenschr.," 1892, Xr. 21, p. 465.
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majority of cases, this is almost entirely absent in catarrhal pneu-
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or to superficial gangrenous foci of embolic origin or secondar}- to
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cal picture. The disease may lead to every conceivable consequence,
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shaped something like a smock-frock, to prevent the smell of the
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Among other sources of emboli are to be considered the inner sur-
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An important technical ]3oint which deserves a few words of
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state of his clothes or by the general effects of loss of blood ; or
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little blood without air-bubbles could be expressed, after inflation
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He was kept under observation some time longer, and the
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endothelial cells are found in all recent effusions, including tuberculous
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a drainage-tube was introduced through the single aperture.
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ments suggested to him the important assumption that the elasticity
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great. At the apex of the heart it was impossible to demonstrate any
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patient was ' aged 26, a tolerably healthy-looking servant-girl,'
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former are found at the posterior border of the lungs, in the neigh-
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peritoneal cavity, about an ounce of this lay just above the
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sponse to the pull of the thoracic muscles, since the phenomenon is also
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If you go to the lowest limit of dulness, you may perforate liver
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of the lung, as in sudden occlusion of the main bronchus, embolism
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so that the connective-tissue induration of the lungs is almost exclu-