Virulence is usually associated with acute lesions.
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any advantage in substituting normal salt solution for a serous exudate
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upon the day following the crisis with symptoms of general collapse.
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ascribed to the inhalation of noxious gases. In such cases there is
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demarcation, form, and consistency of the infarct nmst be the same;
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The mode of origin and significance of these foci have been discussed
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For a time, Cohnheim's theory that the origin of the infarct, espe-
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The usual explanation of these processes is as follows:
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This is an exhaustive work on the structure of the human body as it affects
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ones are more superficial; but there is no hard and fast rule. [Speak-
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quently found the fremitus diminished rather than increased.
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alveolar epithelium in all cases is damaged, and that an active change
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appear from Friedrich's observation that the lung may bulge in other
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* Buckminster Brown, M. D. : " Influence of the Prevailing
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to expand, the operation nevertheless fails to keep the cavity open if
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course of severe attacks of capillary bronchitis. The cyanosis exist-
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children a primary tuberculous bronchopneumonia nuiy clinically
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above that I deem decisive evidence upon them essential to form
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This plan of treatment is objected to by some surgeons, who
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the patient himself is in compressed air, is said to be equivalent to
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infiltrate is being absorbed (v. Jaksch, p. 431). These findings are
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stimulating and antiseptic, as well as odoriferous virtues. Garlic
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The author compared this odor with that of acacia blossoms or that
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are desirous of fulfilling their proper duties of wives and mothers.' Too often,
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This question has often been discussed by medicolegal experts
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than normal; in some places the pericardium is here thickened up to 9
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yielded such remarkable additions to our knowledge of the general
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sanitary matters addressed to them by the State au-
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on the study and significance of the respiratory curves. He used a
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left in their place. The position of this lesion varies in each con-
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Zahl der Leukocyten bei Pneumonie unci Typhus." Citirt nach "Centralbl.