In addition, the upper Hmit of dulness in exudate is, as a rule,

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to occur. If the temperature is neglected, the complication of

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spoken in connection with emphysema. Removal or mitigation of

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year permits, by a sojourn in appropriate health resorts or at the

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Any child who cannot read it as far as fifteen inches

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condition was not determined, it is impossible to decide whether

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increase in the secretion of mucus and saliva. A moderate increase

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health. 4 They appear to be absent in no cases of jaundice, except

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Exploratory puncture in the lateral wall having revealed a serous

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needs in school-time, to see if he is faint from want

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with a cloth, and the slide is placed under the microscope wdthout a

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It has been ])ointed out by Wintrich how easily animals appear to

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spoonfuls of water, to which is added a good pinch of salt.

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that the pressure of an exudate within the pleura is comparati^'eIy

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from a bad ease of pleurisj' lie refused o])eration, with the remark that lie would

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and drinks of an alkaline reaction, the degree of acitlity of the urine

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to carefully destroy the sputum of a pneumonia patient is certainly

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tion, but still more by expiratory pressure, is ine\'itable. There may

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1. Bullous Marginal Emphysema. — This occurs practically onl}^

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be almost invariably fatal, and of rupture across the fundus I

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from an encapsulated peritoneal abscess. Experimentally this pyogenic

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The liver reached almost to the umbilicus, the hepatic region was very

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and on the application of cold to the skin. He saw the blood-vessels

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are to be had, and it undoubtedly affords a permanent outlet for

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Greenhow, Headlani: "On LuHgs of Colliers, Potters, Mother-of-Pearl Cutters, and

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a thorough drenching at the outset, was treated with frequently re-

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signs of heart and lungs natural: no pain in left thigh now, limb

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10 P.M. — Skin warm, and freely perspiring ; no sickness ; ex-

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the danger of great confusion ; even now much mischief is sometimes

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comes occluded by the deposition of coagulating blood.

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But as regards calisthenics of a very light description,

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strated the passage of the fibrin filaments through the alveolar walls.

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organ must be attributed to an analogous process — namely, aspira-

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The development of the pedoralis major is not particularly

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the shape of a swelling that may be felt, so it is with an intus-

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venous engorgement ; dilatation of the stomach has even been described

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energetic action of the respiratory muscles should be brought about.

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ence. In the evening, at 7 o'clock, 60 grams of meat and 60 grams of