focus, and to make an incision as soon as the presence of pus has been

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tum may be much more hemorrhagic and quite uncharacteristic,

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Michaelis lately collected a number of data from Leyden's clinic*

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regarded as the signal of a return to normal conditions.

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account of the ease and convenience of administration. This is

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As the reader is perfectly aware, the cell-structure

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of intussusceptions might be reduced, if they were recognised at

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tion if it is performed before the end of the inflammatory stage. As

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three hours, later three times a day, 3 to 5 eg. — grain ^ to j — ^\dth 5 dcg.

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formations in the alveoli were conspicuous. They were mostly of

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current of air at the fistulous opening is stronger than the air-current

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rectum one of his patients supposed to be suffering from stone

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after death, alone suffices to show the inflammatory character of the

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cles and the diaphragm, which are then required to counteract the

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itself, and the atelectasis of the superficial portions of the lung. I

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I do not, therefore, admit that the unqualified inspiration theory

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regions of the lungs, make their appearance, and the signs of putrid

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If I say that after the crisis, and occasionall}' during the period

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In 1889. men, 36 = 19.0^ ; women, 2= 5.3%; together, 38 = 16.7%.

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erally the blossom of the rye, that brings on the attacks. In America,

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the strongest inhibitory stimulus to respiration is an exciting stimulus

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spots on conjunctiva. Bed-sores. Tardy convalescence, with

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if these pains be severe or interfere in the slightest degree with the

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The mode of origin and significance of these foci have been discussed

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asthmatic attacks in uremia, diabetes, leukemia, and Addison's dis-

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A large lymphatic gland, similar in appearance to those in the

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dust plays but an accessory part in the development of their thoracic

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in some other way. Baschf has called attention to the fact that car-

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wliich necessitated thoracotomy. Although the ojx'ration was success-

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coughed up. In many cases, after the expectoration of a concretion

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Since, as has been mentioned, the difference between the pressure

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out these, putrid bronchitis might easily be mistaken for this condi-

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and has exhaustively described the process by which desquamative

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Stavjansky injected an emulsion containing cinnabar, ultra-

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exudate with irregular temperatures or a normal curve. But the

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according to his reasoning, the lung must have been contracted.

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phragmatic and intercostal type of breathing predominates in men.