159. Liszt: "Die Behandlung der crouposen Lungenentziindung mittelst Pilocar-

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1876. — Seventeen senile patients. Twenty-six eyes operated

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organ and the medulla quite as effectually as the division of

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physematous patients who had worn them permanently or had any-

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consider all the manifestations as of equal significance, and regard even

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quantities of albumin. The dj^spnea occurred in both respiratory phases

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contact with the alveolar wall; except for these, the contents consist

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such alone without complications, the histologic findings show that

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pears at times and again disappears. This may be explained by the

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of the de\-elopment of emphysema is short and dry, is produced re-

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that the present work, presenting, as it does, the latest advances in the science

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the alveoli, and thus produces the disease, then the lowest parts of

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On the other hand, the diseases of the myocardium have been unduly

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be conveniently discussed together, as they are practically the same

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association with similar conditions in the right ventricle, attributes

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when paralysis had begun to appear, the spasms which still could

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Nonne: "Ueber einen bemerkenswerthen Fall von Heilung eines P. bei Lungen-

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focus, and to make an incision as soon as the presence of pus has been

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Another method consists in hypodermic injections of sterilized oil

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emphysema, are present, even the most scrupulous care will not

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middle, the natives employ the bean of the Fhysostigma venenosum,

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Further on I shall come to speak of some rarer causes which give

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by these means be made out. In gluteal aneurism, also, a careful

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reasonable time. Something can, however, be accomplished in this

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X Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, March 32, 1899. § Morgagni, June, 1899.

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cocci; (2) the Streptococcus pneumoniie, similar to the first, but fre-

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to the formation of connective tissue, obliteration of the alveoli,

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at the point of puncture to that of the atmosphere and at once permits

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