in most cases — comes the time when girls are under-

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and that the lung is capable of expanding. The ruptured alveolus is

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The intercostal groo\'es near the sternum are obliterated or may

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hand had penetrated, I imagined to be the sigmoid flexure of

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membrane of the bronchial tulles which shows itself in short severe

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They are systematically written. The illustrations are abundant, well chosen, and enhance greatly

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[A discussion on the surgery of the lungs will be found at the

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then is quite difficult : whether the process is to be acute or chronic.

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scribed. It belongs to the class of micrococci and is of almost the

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ring day and night, often every five minutes, in which some rales are

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The circumstance alread}^ referred to as the result of our own obser-

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is lessened. After the defervescence, therefore, just as before, there

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its branches, in the osseous system, in the liver, and in otlier organs.

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We may, therefore, conclude that the kind of inflanmiatory reac-

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be attacked because it aggravates the symptoms. It increases the

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metamorphosis of the bile in the blood is checked or brought to

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apply where perforation has taken place and large masses of material

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4. Emphysema due to pathologic products in the air-passages. This

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The relative heat of the head sliould be noted in all cases. For

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the bronchitis chiefly attacks the finer and finest bronchi and leads

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more than the direct treatment of the putrid pleurisy, are instrimiental

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pathologischen Anatomic und allgemeinen Pathologic," Bd. ii, j). 441.

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tion of these pneumonias fluctuates according to the presence of one

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haemorrhage into tlie optic canal in the sphenoid. Again, the blow

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monie," " Deutsches Archiv fiir khn. Medicin," 1872, Bd. ix, p. 1.

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severe pain they never attempt to lie upon the diseased side. The

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into immediate contact with the surface of the lung.

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as cellular pneumonia and which, in the main, embrace the forms

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are readily explained by the dilatation and weakness of the right

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