selbaum 's cases the aortic valves were affected five times and only

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upper lobes were affected. If such pneumonias which are seated in the

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be some condition by which the circulation of air in the bronchial tree

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Whenever the abnormal irritant, be it the exudate or the organic

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uanha and apomorphin, these together form a natural group among

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solitary, in places matted together, and comprising the sub-

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were clubbed. She had been short of breath from birth. Her

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of desquamative pneumonia, while the reverse is the correct view.

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mereh' reflect a momentary point of view for which a clever author

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rheumatischen Krankheiten auf anatomischer Grundlage.' 1 have

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percentage of albumin and the specific gravity do not appear to be of any

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that there was every hope of a speedy resorption eventually turn

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extensive exudate not to occlusion of the pulmonary arteries, but rather

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107. Hui)pcrt: "T^>l)er die Bezieliungen der Harnstoffau.s.schcidung zur Korin-rtein-

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and, according to the latter, 23 among 42 cases gave a positi^^e his-

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chronic forms of peribronchitis develop, and lead to cirrhotic changes

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forms of bronchitis. In certain cases, which are not to be discussed

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able part, as we generally do not have to deal with large colunms of

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ichopathic, primary disease. It is necessary to become familiar with

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cous membrane is actually injected. As a rule, the bronchi in their

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occurs. The air may disappear from the lung by absorption if the

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has some intimate relation with this form of disease. — Ed.] Schmidt

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enough, in the lungs as well as in other organs (for instance, in the

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showed a diffuse carcinoma (medullary sarcoma) of the lower lobe and a

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success in the treatment of this disease quite a number of cases of

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dearth of well-authenticated observations bearing on the question.