If a large portion or even the entire sul)stance of both lungs is
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be justifiable, since a mere enumeration of symptoms can never really
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from making the diagnosis of fehris ephemera of which he is frequently
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is said to have been caused bj' acute pneumonia. In this case it is not
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On the other hand, an irregularity after the crisis is more frequent,
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4, shows no other changes than those present in the beginning of
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The symptoms observed by us thus agree in most respects with
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must be clearly distinguished from occlusion. There is a degree of
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time, for the anastomoses between the arterite pulmonales and the
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In addition, owing to the destruction of lung tissue, a pulmonary
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ziindung in der Garnison ]\Iagdeburg vom 1. October, 1873, bis ultimo Juni,
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the cases. In the remainder the affection shows itself by malaise,,
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irritation of the pulmonary or costal pleura or of the lung itself alters
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protoplasmic activity brought about by the action of the poisons
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nation were: age (three of the deceased were respectively thirty-
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Finlay: "Brit. Med. Jour.," Oct., 1888, p. 807. (Severe bronchitis in a ten-year-old
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with resonant rales produced in the larger bronchi. [Pitres made a
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bladder. On being replaced in bed, hot bottles were placed
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current and of the volume of the heart-beats which are necessary if all
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chances for the patient are better without than with operation. In
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vance of the putrefactive process within the pleura. If such cases
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acute inflammation of the pleura ; while the other, after suffering a few
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is quite enough to determine on the right side the line where absolute
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Atypical pneumonias are lobar. Very freciuently an entire lobe
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bony canal in the sphenoid, through which it passes. A sheath
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West: "Sur le traitement de la pleuresie," "Bull, de I'Acad.," April 5, 3d series,
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day.' In L. S. the invasion symptoms of convulsions, vomiting,
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— for example, enteric fever, — and still do not give rise to the assump-
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determine the primary disease, so as to learn the cause for the escape
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99. Heitler: " Histologische Studien iiber genuine croupo.'^e Pneumonic," "Wiener
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circulation; in the inflammatory form, an inflammatory irritation
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abscess of the lungs, after ])neumonia of the left side. He ascribes