cated from the sudden appearance of a local puerile respiratory mur-
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walls in regard to edema, etc., so as not to penetrate too deeply and
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proper time for this procedure. Tufficr says: "The continuance or
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If we now turn to the anatomy of the brain, as described
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times the nasal mucous membrane of 57 men, found Diplococcus
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arms were stretched out at right angles to the body with the
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outer side and, at the lumen, is limited by a substance consisting of
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ciples and adapted to music. By E. H. Barlow. Amherst,
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reasons; the amount of air contained in the alveoli is no longer in-
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tion of pneumonia treated with venesection is accidental, as it oc-
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among 817 of these cases, in 374 the crisis occurred upon an even
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especially by French authors. Marfan, in his "Traite de medecine,"
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etc., "Charite-Annalen," vol. xiii, 1888, p. 147-92.
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less clinical obser^'ation of the diaphragm will always maintain its
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different liquid, such as a 75-per-cent. solution of common salt.
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to be considered, and it is to be investigated whether any age is more
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phosed blood mass. " Then follows the secretion of a very sticky, tough,
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Immediately, however, that the patient was relieved of the irrita-
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appearance is more uniformly hemorrhagic. The principal vein of the
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clusive in a clinical sense, they are not without some value in explaining
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an orange. The base of the wedge is directed toward the pleura.
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cussed, that only the smallest particles are carried into the alveoli by
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if they were subjected to the influence of cold before these injections
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many cases there is a truly shocking state of things,
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painstaking investigations. His fate should be a warning to all
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as hypertrophic forms in contradistinction to senile or atrophic em-
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by the pollen of certain grasses at the time of blooming, is regarded
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panying bronchial catarrh, which is always present in a greater or
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experience of centuries cannot be discarded, and we constantly return
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increasing tonus, — the elasticity of the organ, — or, in other words, for
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changes in respect of percussion. If the parts of the lobe contiguous
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gether ; they fall asleep and sleep very well for the rest of the night.
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^ Hilton Fagge, Guy's Hospital Reports, 1875,. p. 1.74;. and Murchison, op. cit.,
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bute their disease to stomach trouble. In advanced cases of venous