mortis well marked. Blotchy purple discoloration of skin all
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Eegarding the issue, if the patient were left alone, as inevitably
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together with the diagnosis and treatment of the condition, has become an abso-
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persons with partially ossified thorax, in emphysema, in the presence
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change, since the conditions in the fistulous tract and in the pleural
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is found to contain the same quantity of fluid, though it does not
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are always useful and are often followed by brilliant results. The
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a chronic tuberculous focus, or merely to rupture of an emphysema-
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regard it as at all certain that the distention really affects portions
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throughout, and that the intensity of the affection in the peribronchitic
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appear to a certain extent in inverse order, the tension of the thoracic
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chitis comes from Eichhorst's chnic (Hitzig). Two closely related
— the author's being the only case on record, ' in which laceration
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absorption?), and, finally, because the gas that is demonstrated may
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and was attacked by a left-sided catarrhal pneumonia. Consoli-
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counter-vent, and the escape of the fluid must be irregular, and
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it may also cause other pathologic conditions which have nothing in
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either by an embolus from the peripheral venous system or from the
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abscess of the liver (Stokes), a carious vertebra, suppurative bronchial
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nia, might be designated chronic fibrous pneumonia."
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with red ones; the vessels of the interalveolar tissue were highl}^
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Other features of the emphysematous curve, such as the occasional
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cient evacuation of a gangrenous focus, — accidents which affect
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T. G., set. 22, blacksmith, admitted May 12th (Dr. Mackey).
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or on account of the saccular nature of the cavities, finds an oppor-
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of various diseases which injure the mechanism of respiration in
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of accidents to all parts of the body and of such diseases as persons are suddenly