which is directed obliquely downward. I believe that both inspira-
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past ; clean in habits ; no headache or vomiting ; eyes natural to
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from the results so obtained, since it is a common experience that
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emphysema is produced by a paralytic neurosis of one or several
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two-year-old husband of a woman sixty-four years of age suffering
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out, leaving smooth walls. Sections of the tumour were kindly
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In some few cases I found the connective-tissue structure of the
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mortality of 1.21%; up to January, 1889, he had 816 cases, with a
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cavity, as the drainage-tube is in constant danger of being bent on
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gelatinous. The milk-white and rose-red portions contained the
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of the patient. On several successive nights I have had occasion to
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which is as yet not sufficiently or definitely in^•estigated, which gives
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Adult male subject. Hand introduced as in Experiment I.,
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occurs in pneumonia in the course of but a few days. As it is my
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comes normal after the fever has terminated by crisis or l.ysis, the
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be the chief cause of emphysema. That emphysema is produced by
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ounces) nitrogen, or 2.65 kg. (6 lbs.) flesh, the loss during the five
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chanical dislocation of the diaphragm is untenable, since such an event
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of the affection as a whole, I must refer to a symptom on the part of
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The most inexperienced clinician can distinguish them from moist
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furthermore, it is an arbitrar}' assumption to say that the injury of
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193. Senator: "Ein Fall von Lungenabscess mit allgemeinem Hautemphysem,"
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bution of the vessel; and, on the other hand, it allows the pathogenic