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rhage. — Ed.] The affection arose during convalescence from enteric
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HomoUe : " De la tension intra-thoracique dans les ^'panchements pleuraux," " Revue
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affections, emotions, and passions ; nor is he shown
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electricity has been applied of late with good success
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laj'man will often speak of asthma, where the physician sees only em-
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hours after the birth of the child rales could be heard over the right
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from the preparations of antimony (kermes mineralis, sulphurated
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itself, for they are so frequently found in the mouth, in the nose, and
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ously in toto affected pulmonary lobe, which at first are affected as a
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within an amorphous translucent mass. It seems that the above-
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tion have not been entir(>ly removed by the great number of experi-
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phsenomena belonging to this kind of jaundice is still wanting.
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of developing in previously normal pulmonary tissue.
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ment of the liver, indistinctness of the heart dulness, downward dis-
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Principal treatment. — Pot. bromid.; hyd. chloral; hyd. e creta;
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remedies hitherto mentioned, I may say in regard to the following
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chance to begin restoring the continuity of the tissue. It goes without
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Ziemssen's " Specielle Pathologic und Therapie," Bd. v, Leipzig, 1874.
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and very much enlarged in this edition. It has been increased in size by new
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and inhaled remain, because only a small part of them can be ex-
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accompanies aortic disease. Biermer is of the opinion that atheroma
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consciousness, on the fifth day, was soon followed by delirium, to
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internal administration of creosote and turpentine.* We may also
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Prochaska examined, in addition to 10 previously described, 40,
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toms. As a rule, both the severity of the irritant and the extent of the
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In accordance with the majority of the authors named, I consider
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viduals. B}^ the employment of an infusion of 2 in 180, of which
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does not produce pain. On the right side over the fossa supraspinata the
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asthma. He agrees with Biermer that practically all the signs and
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bution of the vessel; and, on the other hand, it allows the pathogenic
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Independently of the pain, marked dyspnea may occur with the
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looked exactly like a carcinomatous alveolus. Furthermore, in the
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absent. And as in other cases, particularly in tuberculous plastic