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Diaphragmatic hernia is a condition that is apt to be mistaken

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which prevail in a well-ordered house, are necessary

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pared from these animals does not possess the highest curative powers

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that after the pressure within the fistula, which up to that time had been

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The determining causes were first sought in the climatic con-

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a tumour. If the history of the patient revealed syphilis, or, what

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found in such quantities in the sputum, which, besides, never con-

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piece of glass tubing is fitted, and by means of constant siphonage

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one who has once experienced this complication of dry catarrh under-

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such surgical lesions as are likely to require diagnosis and perhaps treatment by

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argument that the transition from hemon-hage to infarction is improb-

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condition. The vesicular breathing is not impaired, the respiratory

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hyperleucocytosis, a leucopenia, incUcates gravity, as it is only likely

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pending portion of the chest-wall, and a drainage-tube introduced

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nie," " Deutsche Zeitschr. fiir praktische Medicin," 1S7.5, Xr. 44, 45; " Wiener

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t Iluysch, " Minima quaedain foraminula per interiorem faciem hiautia."

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persisted for some time. The author considers both cases of neph-

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tion is usually observed, especially in cases of so-called vahoilar pneu-

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sounds may be heard, although the effusion is undiminished or

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sneeze constantly before the real attack of asthma begins. But it may

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We see, from the hard masses at the periphery, bands penetrating

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of the pneumococcus in the meninges. Here endemic circumstances

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ducing a long sound into the wound for the purpose of finding the

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ture of fluids and solid particles is inspired into the lungs, grave conse-

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In the 3d, 6th, and 9th experiments it felt as if arrested a

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ing may safely be disregarded, as it merely contributes, by raising the

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