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increase in the exudate is particularly apt to occur in relapses of

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circulation appears to be entirely interrupted in the affected portion

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from the circulation of the affected vascular district. "Then it is

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are expelled by the respiratory organs, or neutralized in some way,

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remedies to be recommended in severe cases of emphysema for the

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these circumstances nothing else remained for me than by the

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It may be superfluous to say that girls at a board-

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but attacks the entire wall of the bronchus. Even the cartilage

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nal wound, Mr. Langton, who assisted me, was obliged to spread

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tinence of stools and urine, fever is permanent, pulse frequent.

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pleura. The compensatory change in the volume of the lung is such

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siderable extent, and in its place large numbers of rounded, smooth-

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area, bring on symptoms of collapse. If the emboli are small, dele-

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tinual attacks of coughing shake the little patient, but bring no

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back for a long time, also favors the formation of atelectasis and

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system is very liable to be injured. "They are much

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The serous form, or catarrhe pitiiiteux of Laennec, is the rarest

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of cocain. [Such treatment must be employed most cautiously. — Ed.]

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Hydropic conditions and cdhuminuria occur only exceptionally as

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state of school hygiene ; but even if the child does contract these dis-

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In these patients atelectasis regularly assumes the form of so-called

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Later on abundant stools of a brown color appeared and vomiting

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