free. But masses frequently occur in such places which must be
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of the cut surface, which is absent in other pneumonias, in which an
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hypera?sthesia. The knee and ankle joints swelled as in rheu-
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ease arising from dust, whether poisonous or not, are :
digoxin poisoning hypokalemia
"Centralblatt fiir die med. Wissenschaften," 1885, p. 462.
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alveoli, it was no more indicated by the elastic tissue, but by the fine
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escapes through a fistula; death. Autopsy: Numerous bronchiectatic
digoxin overdose treatment guidelines
A more trustworthy, not to say absolutely indispensable, auxil-
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digoxin toxicity treatment magnesium
attack than the emph^'sema, which ciuite commonly depends on the
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the veins and often anasarca. The accompanying excellent illustra-
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multiplication of the nucleus. Agreeing with Wagner, he regards it
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tlionght at the time by the nurse to be due to the bursting of the
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The figures of Huss Hkewise speak for a greater mortahty among
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sputum, and fever, it must be distinctly emphasized that they present
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the curiosities of this affection. The fact mentioned above, that in
digoxin toxicity due to hypokalemia
any ulceration of the mucous surface. This discoloured portion
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affirmative, and it has been thought that a congestion takes place
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directly absorbable nourishment without previous change in the
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allow them to retain such seats, instead of shifting at
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dulness diminishes, the note becomes louder, then hollow and high,
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stage, and this suffices to establish the diagnosis.
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been urged that similar movements can be obtained by stimulat-
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cin," Bd. Liv, 1895. "Genaue auch krj'stallographische Untersuchung der
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affected side in a manner Vjecomes an aneurysmal appendage to the
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In addition to primary emphysema, there are other forms accom-
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Symptoms. — As soon as the obstruction becomes so great that it
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my part, I strongly advise against any such procedure, as I have found
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exist, unless in the very mild form or in the opposite condition where
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This was removed, and the tympanum washed out with a