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This classification leads us immediately to the as yet unsolved

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to obtain pure cultures of the bacteria which are the cause of putrid

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as dangerous. He refers to one case in which the patient nearly

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thorax and the paroxysms of cough b}' which the masses of exudate

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of a bronchiectatic patient. This form has been especially distin-

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phenomenon that may be due either to the passage of the fluid from

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recover are practically all cases of serous effusion, and the ])ati(>nts

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venous haemorrhage, which came on a few hours afterwards, was

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to assume that sex does not cause any particular difference, and

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% Journal of Boston Society of Medind Sciences, vol. v, No. 5, 1900.

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port, Supt of Nurses, Nezv England Hospital for Women and Children,

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corpuscles, lymphocytes, and plasma cells; and desquamated epi-

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1. Those cases in which the effusion is so great as to threaten

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spirations, 40. Has a troublesome cough. Eight chest resonant

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diameter of the pleiu-al cavity, the pitch must be higher in the dorsal

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collapse with marked dyspnea, sometimes wdth orthopnea, small,

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neck. Simultaneously with this angina, congestion of the lungs

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regarded as a minor consideration or ah accidental accompaniment

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is desirable, a general wet pack should be employed. Upon the bed-

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188. Schottelius: " Experimentelle Untersuchungen iiber die Wirkung inhalirter

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membrane is produced. He hopes to overcome the bad secondary

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inner side of the femoral artery ; the sound becomes more blow-

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strengthened if the causal condition periodically subsides, or at least

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if they only reach it from without. We can always understand that

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the incompleteness of our methods of diagnosis, a certain superficiality

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to our attention again by artificial means. It is always a valuable

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ilitica)," "Virchow's Archiv," 1879, Bd. Lxxv, p. 162.

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A Manual for the treatment of Surgical and other Injuries,

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different from that which produces the throat affection.

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which therefore also indicates a contraction of the smallest bronchi.

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ture of the trunk, the tip of the nose or a greater part of the face, in