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gray tissue, partly very flabby, partly permeated by firmer infiltra-
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is often assumed where exploratory puncture shows that we have to
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ing. If, at the same time, fine crepitation occur, it depends upon
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In all extensive pleurisi(^s, jDartieularly in the acute purulent
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comatose, face dusky, eyelids almost closed, pupils very contracted,
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than rest of body, which is of natural heat; feet much warmer
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have deterred Mr Holden from performing colotomy — an opera-
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injurious influence is to be ascribed to the silicate of lime which is
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pleurisy, and in fibrinous bronchitis. The group also includes the
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Blundell experimented upon four rabbits, three of which re-
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the size of a hazelnut and larger. The boundaries are irregular
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fluid character of the sputum and the amount of blood contained in
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white gelatinous infiltration of gumni}^ elastic consistency, the
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tendency to tuberculosis, and in the corpulent favor development of
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three hours. About one ounce of clearer urine has come through
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ination of the sputum and exploratory puncture are the two methods
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Splints reapplied. The ankles were swelled a good deal, but not
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possibly facilitated to a certain extent by at once replacing with
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natural. The spleen weighs 80 grms. It is very small ; it has
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the privy by throwing in a layer of fresh dry loam once
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are regarded as precUsposing to emphysema, leaving out those of the
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on the left side. The cause of this peculiarity is found by Weil in the
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special form, and Curschmann has given it the name bronchiolitis ez-
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to consider it due to an occlusion of the blood column caused by a
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history good. Is now much emaciated. Plushes occasionally.
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tion in an injured blood-vessel. The contents of every alveolus
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Unverricht^ observed the development of malignant tissue in the
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Under the name of ' ' asthenic pneumonia ' ' Leichtenstern has ex-
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rality must be taught at school. All schools assume
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nth day, 9.30 A.M. — Temperature, 1011°; pulse, 78. Slept
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erally, after a long prodromal stage with symptoms pointing to the
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cases of *' cold " bronchitis. — Ed.] The body exerts all its powers
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more southerly situated regions in the same portions of the earth;