and the crural veins, in the vena cava, and in the sinuses of the brain.

dexamethasone injection for sinus infection

apomorphin. (A long encomium and direction for its use follow.) When the chil-

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lacking at other times. This condition may last a very variable time

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of traumatic empyema cannot be discussed in this place. The treat-

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in occupations that predispose to catarrh, and the great majority of

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to remain in bed for weeks, it is to be feared that hypostatic pneumo-

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suddenness of the appearance of an attack, or even the paroxysmal

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cal observation justifies such a conclusion. Whoever attentively

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dioxid; but when so little carbon dioxid is produced, the amount

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northern regions of Europe inflammations of the lung are of but

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inspissated secretion and softened caseous material. The epithelium

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more extensive changes are described, such as cyst formation (Gra-

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more than in any other infectious disease. The duration of such a

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suddenly occurring hyperemia of the l)lood- vessels, swc^lling of the

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Diplococcus, in 2 cases (not identical with Fraenkel's);

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amounts to, at most, 1.5° to 2.5° C. (2.7° to 4.5° F.) ; the temperature,

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in serous effusion, as the patient eventually made a perfect re-

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that the hand in all failed to detect a stricture ; notwithstanding

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inflammation of the pulmonar}' tissue. According to Ehrhardt's

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was distended and tympanitic. On opening its cavity, about two

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If the patient is going about, suffering with mj^algia, chest oppres-

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who do not suffer from any other disease but their debility, and dislike

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general condition of the patient, and the particular kind of respiratory

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changes arising at particular seasons in certain localities. In the

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dation, as atrop. snip. gr. ss., aquee ad gij.) ; for if a stronger

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case of singers, whose lungs are strengthened by singing.

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process is the fact also that by the absence of the arterial filling of the *

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largely among practitioners to-day, that the presence of a sediment

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condition in debilitated indi\'iduals. In severe and protracted dis-

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charged; the vessels at the base of the brain are very atheromatous and

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the exudate is extensive, is a certain asynchronism of the respiratory

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masses of somewhat musty-smelling pus, the evacuation being retarded

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question, I felt bound to quote Dr. Walker's case, although from

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cases more or less severe cough will be present. The cough, at least

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recently A-arious forms of inhalers or masks have been de^•ised in which

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area. Of course, the positi^'e pressure in the upper portions of the