splints had a rectangular support for the foot, and, bent slightly
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clinical observation, and it now appears that the pathognomonic
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eliminate the possibility of there having been an injury by the
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In other words : if in two individuals ex))osure to cold, traumatism,
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exudate which develops in the course of a few days similar to an in-
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then, assert that l^iermer has made his rejection nnich too easily, and
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become short of breath from coughing; hence the name asthma hu-
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site is, in the first place, determined by the dulness; in large exudates
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difficulties may arise, especially if stitches in the side introduce the
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natural. The spleen weighs 80 grms. It is very small ; it has
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were separated from each other by thin dividing walls. From the largest
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ilitic treatment of notoriously tuberculous patients. My observation
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The patient, who was very nervous, declined to allow the
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rior lung is full and deep, the respiration vesicular. Right posterior, from
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lymph that is formed. On chemical examination the fluid is found
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afibrds a good instance of the benefit that would have resulted
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estimated. But does not the question of syphilitic phthisis deserve
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pneumonia, and make it possible to embrace in a provisional group a
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lutely una^'oidal)le, as the mere presence of a sharp object, such as a
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reenter. Tumors and exudates that compress the lung regularh' lead
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According to Senator, the spongy tissue of the lung acts as a kind of
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in five children. The bronchial mucous membrane was covered with
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during inspiration necessary for any extensive accumulation of air will
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plained, acts as a frequent predisposing cause. If they interfere more
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lieves that the early appearance of such an eruption indicates the
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and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review," vol. xxv, 1860. Citirt nach Gierke!.
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out secondary bronchiectasis. f The question is why in one case
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A complete review of all the literature in reference to the compli-
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pation of the interstitial tissue in the inflammatory process.
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for purposes of diagnosis it is entirely absent ; this is the case in pneu-
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the lung, which apparently could be due to nothing but con-
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mentioned, but their effect is especially on the mucous membrane.
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result cannot in the same positive manner be predicted.