sion, tight cough, often harassing, we may select, first —

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Pain in the head, hoarseness, a sensation of weakness, and loss of

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* Holmes, Lancet, 1880, vol. i, p. 879. Heinopty.sis, extreme dyspnea, com-

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bring into use, by degrees, all the chief muscles in

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lungs, which was described by Andral, as a consequence of considera-

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fully half an inch in thickness. I brought the torn edges easily

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friable material is ultimately discharged into the bronchi. Here a

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principally in phthisis. Does a portion of the bronchiectasis develop

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upward 10 mm. and outward 4 mm. The lower portion descended

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monia. They are confounded with collections of pus inside the

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The difference between edema in active and in passive hyperemia

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eliminated, there will remain a residue of cases, well exemplified

dexamethasone breast cancer chemotherapy

to ascertain the cause of this loss of power, we worked backwards

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by catching cold. Even if the clearest theoretic deductions showed

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of dark brown, liquid blood, fat, degenerated cells or free fat droplets

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the numerous figures of Hirsch. Neither has climate any particular

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exist although the hand may be unable to discover it.

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resemble large cancer nests. Similar, though less pronounced, altera-

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form with abundant mucous discharge, bronchoblennorrhea, serous

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pletely occluded, and emphysematous areas where there is only

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instead of by the vagi. The purging is probably due to increased

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Tuberculous bronchitis shows an infiltration of the wall with a

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Orth names an occurrence which has not been mentioned by any-

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by many authors as an acute emphysema. It is for this reason that

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17th day. — The patient seemed fairly on the way to recovery,

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of micro-organisms, gas may be spontaneously developed from the

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process, the intensity of the cough, the wide-spread crepitant rales,

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so-called diastolic click of the pulmonary valves, — a phenomenon