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ing of its surgical aspect. This present atlas does this to an admirable degree.

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tuberculosis found at the autopsy to a primary catarrhal pneumonia.

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pneumothorax is not so simple as to be explainable solely by the

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and Physiology, Management of the Sick-Room, Appliances used

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monary Blood-vessels, their Anatomy and Nomenclature," London, 1889. — Barth

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puerperium, enteric fever, variola, delirium tremens, and psychoses, —

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bronchophony is especially characteristic of pneumonia.

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cerebral symptoms, or just after their appearance. There have

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of the voluntary dilators of the thorax. Inspiratory contraction of the

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(b) Fragments of soft tissue are at times cast off in phthisis and

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more or less pronounced predisposition to emphysema. But no

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