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masses contained in the pleura are not expectorated until the level

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Last year I described in the Hospital Reports two examples of

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dulness, a heaving and somewhat irregular cardiac impulse, and

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In the second case there were cancerous growths projecting

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To test the power possessed by the pleura of absorbing corpuscular

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statement of the amount which is suitable to the av-

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regard to the administration of the powders, it is to be observed

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even though the bronchitis is not at all improved. In the further

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Perhaps it may be necessary to restrict the amount ;

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formed, and performed with so great an amount of success. Mr.

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certain other necessary factors are suj)eradded. We shall return to

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the chronic bronchitis of the old is almost always of cardiac or albu-

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hemorrhagic exudate may, howe\'er, become converted into a purulent

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mended by the author, or, in their stead, if they cannot be emplo3'ed,

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apart from the investigations which I have submitted, and the exact

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upon the heart without producing the sickness which sometimes

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vascular arrangement of the lungs is such that an embolus which has

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over the rent quickly adhere over and around it, and so close it

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the patient, while in others they are very violent. The attacks

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step of which is the loss of that power peculiar to the healthy

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On the other hand, other observers come to different conclu-

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the present I have found this condition of the vessels in catarrhal pneu-

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tried it was successful ; and this is more than can be said of any

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all the recorded cases of pulmonary syphilis, in which infection was

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the form of spray over the wound and the bedclothes.

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forcing up of the diaphragm, and even simple meteorism, are to be

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importance of this muscle is not rated so hi<2;h now as it was formerly,

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will, for I have often convinced myself when attempting to carry out

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any part of the machinery of a factory while in mo-

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In order to prevent, we must first understand some-

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but becomes elevated as a whole; (2) to breathe in such a manner that

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