sclerotic individuals and persons suffering from certain forms of heart
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mitted to the hospital. He stated that he had always been healthy ; only
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empties into the alveolus, a tough, previously present fluid is broken
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and second years. It appears to me, however, that it is not justifiable
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aspiration of foreign bodies. Whenever these are of a large caliber,
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To attain such results it is b}^ no means necessary to employ
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from all the other organs. Even micro-organisms may under such
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zation. According to Rindfleisch, this splenization appears to offer
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feel myself justified in attempting an operation of so hazard-
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pensable ; yet it is extremely rarely seen. The seat
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Thrombosis of the femoral veins (so-called phlegmasia alba dolens)
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Neither are local thrombi in the pulmonary tissue with secondary
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the disappearance of the acute inflammatory symptoms. The
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alive four years after the operation. Kronlein says that if septic
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Emboli usually get into the lower lobes, and unless special causes
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eases of the Chest. Fifth Edition. Revised and Enlarged.
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are more readily explained by the basal disease. The weakness of
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lowing cases : girls under sixteen, not allowed to be
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vascular spaces and on the walls of the alveoli, but not from the alveo-
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172. Mosny: "Archives de medecine experiinentelle," 1892, iv, 2, p. 195. Citirt
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disturbance in the lesser circulation and the resulting congestion must
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It must be concluded from these results that various kinds of
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I cannot but think that this point requires to be most strongly
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some octavo volume of 1133 pages, with 650 illustrations, many of
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Roth polygraph. The elastic sac which serves for the reception of
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April 2-1, 1896: The secretion from the punctiu-e wound has neverthe-
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to paralysis of the bronchial muscles. There is no doubt that the ani-
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compression of the tissue by the exudate; no more is it justifiable
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causing great pain to the patient, or until it has become of a san-
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ences may be referred to external causes. The effects of wet, cold, or
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that the black pigment is found between the elastic fibers in the
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infiltrated lung, because it cannot return to the volume of a normal
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condition of the bronchi favoring the growth of such micro-organisms ;
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E. L., admitted to Hope Ward, 22d May 1876. A sound,