I mention here briefly that hardening in bichromate of potassium and
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In my opinion, the timely exhibition of narcotics offers the only
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ery of the tubercle bacillus; although the coexistence of tuberculosis
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into the lesser circulation, and from here like emboli into the
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Drinkers '-catarrh is the most perfect example of an exhalation
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tions, 22. Complains of no pain, only of increasing weakness.
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measles, was attacked with catarrhal symptoms and dyspnea; tubular
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duration of the painful symptoms is, I think, quite uncertain ; but
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udation of red blood-corpuscles into the alveoli and, in even greater
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nasal diseases, such as exostosis of the septum, hypertroph}^ of the
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The microscopic examination of this infarct showed certain changes
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I have examined microscopically a large number of lungs which
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to be regretted that those authors who regard pulmonary tuberculosis
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to his opinion, the pus-corpuscles in the mother cells could not have
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the miliary form alone pervading all these regions of the nervous
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case : The atheroma of the aorta, which was of very high grade con-
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infants and old men, if the disease becomes protracted, the coexistence
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gray tissue, partly very flabby, partly permeated by firmer infiltra-
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theory of the source of the bile pigments from hsemogiobin and
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objective conditions had steadily improved. He looked well and his
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accompanied by the formation of massive plaques, percussion is of
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tion and expiration may under certain conditions develop injurious
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These tables in the most important points coincide with my findings :
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that this is not necessarily so, and it would be easy enough to
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slightly granulated. The pleural covering of the affected parts showed
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apomorphin; ipecacuanha (Schmiedeberg) ; to which are often added
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as in human beings, the posture of the body during inspiration may
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lous connective tissue at the bases of both lungs in the neighbor-
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short, comparatively thick bacillus, with rounded ends, of extraordi-
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changes in the respiratory murmur, nor a partial bulging of the
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syringe is properly put on, so as to avoid compressing the air in the
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thelial co^'erings of two neighboring ah'eoli are placed directly one
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reduces the strength by one-half. I have never used the remedy
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passing through the rectum into what, from the distance my
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identical with distention, which is effected purely by external forces; nor
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He further says that before the crisis of pneumonia leucocj'iosis
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first day the symptoms of fluid in the bronchi were present, and not